AboutTrue Food

We devise responsible ideas

We develop sustainable concepts

We add flavour to life

We devise responsibleideas

We develop viable & sustainable concepts

We add flavour to life

We are a dynamic team of skilled people with a refined interest in different cuisines - who are exceptionally passionate about food.

We work by our mantra:

Idea - concept - taste


Every great beginning starts with a great idea! And getting the right idea, at the right time is crucial, when innovating and developing new food concepts.


Ideas can only take you a certain way. The ability to take an idea and transform it into a full thought out concept that works for the market, is one of our finest tasks!


But lets be honest! The idea and concept is non essential if the taste is not fantastic. Seeking out high quality foods packed with flavour and joyful taste-experiences is what we are really all about.

Years of experience in eating, sourcing and developing foods that makes a difference!

Years of experience in eating, sourcing and developing foods that makes a difference!

Serving yumminess since 2020

True Food was born out of a desire to implement tasty foods of high quality in the danish consumer market.

Our company was established in 2020 by our 3 main foodies, who each have 20+ years of experience as well as friendships, making them equipped to approach the market with teampower and professionalism from day one!

Since then, our team has grown into a great bunch.

The recipe for succes

We like to challenge the classic business concepts and serve up close, flexible and longterm partnerships, with a side of competent sparring.

We believe having a flexible business model allows for tailor-made solutions, which serves our customers in the best way possible.

When our partners are succeeding – so are we.

Trust & transparency are key!

As a company and business partner, we put an honest effort into sustaining dedicated and close relationships with both suppliers and costumers, based on transparency and trust.

Chop Chop

We execute with speed and precision.
Nothing less can cut it, in a fast moving market like ours. We know the importance of delivering on time, and we know for a fact, that our efficiency saves time on our costumers end.

We are never afraid to be first, but being the first, is never the goal. We understand, that knowing the right timing for introducing new foods is crucial!

Mutual success

Providing the best service and unique food solutions for our costumers that drives sales and creates happy end-consumers is the main goal of everything we do.

We create value

With an open door acces to the market, we offer strong network connections and insights. With us you will experience close longterm partnerships, daily communication with costumers and powerful fast paced executions.

Our core competences within a 360 degree service angle

Product development


Marketing & Distribution

Strategy, planning and market positioning

Definition of unique selling points

Sales and presentation to all retail customers

Label approvals and article forms (certified, safe & trustworthy)

Suppliers & Partners

Our main partners are european family driven companies with strong DNA. As a group they deliver a versatility which empower us to take on any project. As colleagues, we couldn’t ask for anyone better!


Staying conscious about the world we live in, is essential for driving a forward thinking and responsible business. That is why, thinking green is on the top of our agenda, as well as our customers.

Our planet is facing a challenge we all need to collectively help solve. There is more mouths to feed, and that calls for action in regards of a more sustainable production and distribution.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions we constantly make alterrations towards greener alternatives. Converting our cars to electric ones and being up to date on packaging choices, in order to reduce the amount of plastic being used, are just a few of the actions we are taking.

Whether you are looking to be inspired, request specifics or need help developing the next big thing. Join the club!

Whether you are looking to be inspired, request specifics or need help developing the next big thing. Join the club!

Become a true foodie