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Meet the Foodies

Michael Guldin

Michael is a true merchant with roots in Salling Group, Danish Crown, Defco & Fast Food A La Francaise. He is the founder of True Food and is especially passionated about developing and implementing new foods in danish retail.

He loves good old-fashioned danish meatballs with brown gravy and potatoes and cooks a mean roast pork with parsley sauce.

Malene Møller Dissing

Malene is a truly energetic and experienced merchant. She is driven by the constant development and fast pace in the industry and she is extremely passionated about fresh seasonal products, cooking and eating of course.

She loves fish/shellfish as well as interesting salads and can cook up a sublime Risotto with honey and thyme marinated salmon.

Peter Ostenfeldt Madsen

Peter is a highly curious and skilled merchant with 20+ years of experience within the market. He is on a constant path to leaning new exciting ways of operating and devoting within the field of foods.

He enjoys a classic Pariserbøf (Parisian steak) and are likely to cook up a great risotto with mushrooms, asparagus and scallops.

Kira Frederiksen

Sales Coordinator

+45 5433 5115

Kira is an amazingly charismatic marketing economist with a degree in innovation & entrepreneurship. She has experience from the restaurant industry and believes that the whole experience around our food matters just as much.

She is crazy about baking cakes, but enjoys a batch of good old-fashioned ‘Tarteletter’ and cooks great homemade Pizza.

Damian Cieciorowski

Supply Chain Coordinator

+45 5433 2836

Damian comes from a background of finance, accounting and management in Poland. He is a valued international addition to the Foodie team, and Is always sharp on seeing solutions above problems.

He really likes pizza (with no pineapple of course) and cooks an amazing Spaghetti Bolognese.

Solvejg Haakonsen


Solvejg provides crucial guidance within quality control – making sure everything lives up to our standards and official guidelines.

Dorte Drachmann

SoMe Manager

Dorte manages our Social channels and ultimately shares all of our foods with both clients and end-consumers.

Meet the Board

Our board exists of familiar as well as external powers, brought in to constantly drive True Foods forward. Combined their qualifications manage strategy and business development.

Torben M. Grevenkop-Castenskiold

Board Chairman

Torben is besides being chairman at True Food, the CEO of Plantorama. He has been on board since the establishment of the board, and his strategic and economic insights, provide the board with a solid and professional foundation for the company.

Kristine Hejgaard

Board member

Kristine Hejgaard works independently with human resources in the company of the same name. Kristine contributes with a sharp angle on strategy, business development, culture, HR & ESG. She is a great source of inspiration, always up to speed and knows what’s up in legislation and good governance.

Michael Guldin

Board member

Malene Møller Dissing

Board member

Peter Ostenfeldt Madsen

Board member